Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vanity Fair June 2011

HOLY POO ON TOAST. Katy Perry graces (And I mean, literally graces) the cover of Vanity Fair's June issue and she looks STUNNING. Beauteous. Bonny. (Who actually uses the word "bonny?...) Brilliant. Dazzling. Devastating. Excellent. First-Class. Ravishing. Superior. Etc. (Thanks for helping me out on that one). I actually cannot get over how beautiful she looks. And as if her beauty and the clothes weren't enough, the shoot took place in Paris. Um, Katy Perry + Beautiful gowns + Paris = Perfection. I love this. I love absolutely everything about this.
I'm obsessed with this. Obsessed may or may not be (But totally is) an understatement.
It's funny because I actually hated this John Paul Gaultier dress on Karolina Kurkova last week at the Met Gala, but for some reason I am obsessed with it on Katy. It also helps that she looks fierce strutting down the streets of Paris walking a black poodle...

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