Saturday, May 14, 2011

Teen Vogue June/July 2011

Okay, when I first heard that Selena Gomez graces the cover of Teen Vogue once again I thought to myself "Oh, great! I love me some Selenita." And that's true, I do love me some Selenita, but I don't know where Selena is because all I see on the cover is a Photoshop disaster. I'm sure Selena looked gorgeous, but for some reason, they pasted someone's scary lips on hers and I'm slightly flabbergasted to be honest. Half of her photos truly are beautiful, but I don't even know what else to say about the rest. It's funny because there's a quote on Teen Vogue's website next to her cover shot that says "...I hope it [Her single "Who Says"] inspires them [her fans] to be who they are." That is reason #23901 as to why I love Selena Gomez and reason #23901 as to why I am really mad that they distorted her face. I hope they issue an apology soon because there's really no excuse. (I may or may not have just written Teen Vogue a strongly worded, but sweet, e-mail. Oops).
Sigh. All I can do is sigh. I don't know what happened. I mean, I'm sure it's also just a weird lipstick color, but there is something very weird about both of these pictures and it's quite disappointing and unsettling for me.
I must say, she looks beautiful in this Prada top. This entire picture has a very Frida Kahlo feel. Minus the unibrow, thankfully. But I mean, Lord only knows with the Teen Vogue Photoshop crew right now. Honestly.
I really like this Isabel Marant dress and I really love her hair. I may or may not have the same haircut right now. Oh Selenita, it's like one mind.
Really not a fan of these Prada shoes. No siree!

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