Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Alexander McQueen Fall 2011 RTW

UGH! Fashion is moving too fast for me this week, it's ridiculous. New York, Milan, Paris... It's all too much. I'm. So. Tired. The Alexander McQueen Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear show was earlier today in Paris and I didn't like the first half of the collection, but the second half melted my heart. I am PRAYING that Sarah Burton does indeed create Kate Middleton's dress. She would be really stupid if she turned that opportunity down. I mean, I kind of want her to wear Valentino still, but rumor has it that Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen will be making her dress, so fingers crossed. But considering the wedding is in a month and 21 days, I'm thinking they should get going on the whole dress situation. So, I present to you my favorite looks from the collection. The collection almost contradicts itself, it's light, white and innocent and then dark, black and sexual. Very Black Swan, White Swan, no? I'm a white swan, for sure.
This is my favorite look. I ADORE all of it. The feathers at the bottom, the intricate detailing, the neckline. It's lovely.
I think this is my second favorite look. It's adorable.
I don't like the necklace/collar. It's fug. I LOVE the bottom of the dress though. Good heavens, it's amazing.
I loathe the top of this dress, but the bottom is gorgeous. I want the entire dress to look like the bottom. So. Pretty.
Out of the "Black Swan" part of the collection, this is my favorite.
I hate and love this. I hate the sleeves and the collar, it's so ugly. But I kind of like the dress. Maybe. I don't know.
(Via Style.com)

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