Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Pre-Grammy Gala

On Saturday night, a number of wonderful artists came out to the 2011 Pre-Grammy Gala and Salute to Industry Icons party and I am very pleased with one of the outfits and also very displeased with the other two. (P.S. The Grammy post is coming tomorrow morning. I had an incident, involving a lost USB drive with a super important project, that I had to deal with. But it's coming, I swear).
I am kind of OBSESSED with Katy Perry's gown. I mean, this is stunning. Although, I kind of wish she had saved it for the Grammy Awards because oh wow, she was kind of a hot mess tonight. This is just truly stunning though. I mean, honestly.
Leona Lewis needs to stop wearing this hideous creations of hers. She has worn at least 10 (Okay, fine, like 3) of the exact same outfit with different tops and colors, and I have hated each and every single one of them. They're not flattering and her skin tone is a freakishly weird color. Awful. Absolutely awful.
Speaking of weird skin tones, can we look at Miley Cyrus for a second? I kind of don't know what's going on. And well, I don't know how to put this in a ladylike sort of way, but this is a heinous dress. It is drawing attention to her boobs, which clearly do not need that sort of attention. I mean, I think she only does this for attention, but she has enough people talking about her already, I don't know if she should continue with this skanky-esque style on the red carpet. At least her hair and makeup turned out great.

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  1. kate perry looks great!