Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Uh Oh

So, I have a few things to vent about/address...
1. Why is Dannii Minogue on the cover of Glamour UK again? She graces the cover of their November issue and she graced the cover of their March issue too. Strange. Give someone else a turn, please.
2. I was looking at her dress thinking "I have seen this dress before, where have I seen this dress before?" Then all of a sudden in the middle of class, it comes to me. Emma Stone wore it to the premiere of "Easy A" a few months ago. Okay, repeating a dress twice is not my favorite, but I am not going to throw things quite yet.
3. So, I get home and I am beginning to write about it and I am checking websites and such and find out that Karlie Kloss and Aerin Lauder BOTH wore it last night to the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards. Are you kidding me? Now I can start throwing things and/or scream into a pillow. If this turns into another Miu Miu or Balmain dress incident, there are going to be big problems, my friends. HUGE problems.

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