Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ELLE October 2010

Um. What? Like I mentioned already, ELLE is celebrating their 25th Anniversary. ELLE UK created four limited edition collector's issues and ELLE US has followed in their footsteps. Megan Fox, Lauren Conrad, Gabourey Sidibe and Amanda Seyfried all have covers and honestly, I'm not crazy about any of them. I love the normal covers (The one's the public will purchase) but not the subscriber's covers. They are poorly styled and I know that Joe Zee, the creative director for ELLE, styled the shoot, but I really don't like them. I mean, how greasy does Lauren Conrad look on her cover? I much prefer the normal covers. I mean, they are so colorful, clean and cute, but ugh. I've found yet another magazine that needs me...
All of these colors make me smile. They're so fun.
This dress is so pretty, it kind of makes me want to cry. She has a weird facial expression though, but still manages to look pretty. I don't understand.
Ugh. Seriously. I don't like any of these and why do people keep telling Gabourey Sidibe that this is a good angle for her? I mean, first it was V Magazine and now this?...

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