Monday, June 21, 2010

Miley Cyrus

As most of you know, Miley Cyrus hosted the MuchMusic Video Awards last night, and as much as I cringed over her chola performance outfit, I love the other outfits she wore. I am currently searching for the rest of her host dresses, whilst listening to some of her new songs (3 of which I adore. "Liberty Walk" is my new summer song, it's official), so I'm going to be nice to her today. I do it because I care, honestly. Plus, her non-extensions hair looks amazing. Oh, Miley. (I held back the "She's just bein' Miley" and "She can't be tamed" jokes for you right there. You're welcome).
This is my absolute favorite one out of all of them and I cannot find a picture of the whole dress to save my life. It's annoying. She looks really pretty though.
And this would be my second favorite dress. This color kills me, I love it.
I want to burn these boots. But she looks great in this dress.
I don't know why, but I just love long-sleeve dresses.

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  1. I like her shorter hair so much better. Still has the "rocker"-esque look but its much cleaner looking. Not so ratty.