Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 BAFTA Awards

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards were in London on Sunday, February 21 and oh, I love when the stars come out to play!
Kate Freaking Winslet. How stunning does she look right now? She looks absolutely gorgeous and is totally rocking this Stella McCartney dress. I mean, look at that slit! She's fantastic, I love her.
Kristen Stewart is stepping up her game and I am really appreciating it. I mean, it's hard to make fun of her when she's wearing this Chanel dress. I mean, no one makes fun of Chanel. It's just not acceptable. Well done, Kristen. Please keep it up.
I actually really like Vera Farmiga's Marchesa gown. I'm not so in love with the draping on the chest, but I love the rest of it. Oh, Marchesa has my heart once again.
What's wrong with Robert Pattinson's hair?... I don't even care that he's wearing a potentially great Gucci suit, I just can't stop looking at his hair...
I don't know how I feel about Claire Danes' Burberry dress. It's kind of weird, but not an ugly weird, it's just unique. Right?
Oh. No. Carey Mulligan, this is just awful. From the print to the front of the dress. No, no. No.
I LOVE Anna Kendrick's Pucci dress! The color! The design! I really adore it.

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