Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kate Spade Spring 2016

Oh, hello, blog! So nice to meet your acquaintance again. I figure NYFW is the perfect time to jump back in. While I must admit, I have major envy of everyone/everything there, I'll blog from my apartment in Los Angeles and pretend I'm seeing these beautiful clothes IRL in New York. Kate Spade is my favorite for many reasons, one of them being the whimsical, childlike (without looking like something you found in the back of your closet from when you were 12 years old) and utterly delightful designs. I want one of everything. So much pink. So many flowers. So many patterns. I would like to focus on the bags, especially the ice cream truck bag. I MEAN. Could that be any cuter? No. The answer is no. While I'm desperately yearning for Fall, this does have me excited for Spring as well. Le sigh.
 Well, this is perfection. Absolute perfection.
Kate Spade bangles are the best bangles. 
 See what I mean about the flowers?
While I am absolutely obsessed with the ice cream truck bag (and the carousel bag - see below) this is the one bag I could see myself using daily. Preferably in black, but I'll take it! 
 Give me this coat, or give me death!
Can we talk about the daisy outfit on the left? I can't deal.
 Yes, this is a peanut bag. I die. I DIE. Death is upon me. (The coffee has really gone to my head, guys.)
 Doesn't this make you want to run off and get a popsicle? Nope? Just me. Okay. Whatever.
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