Saturday, May 2, 2015

Kate Middleton & The Royal Baby

Last night I went to bed with the comforting knowledge that Kate Middleton was (finally) in labor. I woke up to texts and Tweets telling me the baby arrived and SHE WAS A GIRL. Oh, my heart. I am so excited, I can't bear it. Now, I don't know exactly why I am so emotionally invested in everything Kate Middleton and her family does, but I am. I have been invested in them for awhile and it will never stop. I am fascinated by Royal life and I just love them all so much. 10 hours after giving birth (Kate's superhuman, that I'm sure of), Duchess Kate and Prince William left the hospital. I'm unconcerned with Prince William's outfit, mostly because I saw it when he came back to pick up Prince George - they were matching and it was real freaking cute. So I guess I'm half interested in him. But Kate! She looks gorgeous. Look at that blowout, people! She's stunning. Absolutely stunning and this Jenny Packham dress is perfect. I'm glad she didn't pick pink and I'm glad this has more design to it than just polka dots like the dress she wore with Prince George. Oh, my heart is so full. All hail Kate and Princess Erin! Hey, I can dream. They haven't announced the name quite yet. Fingers crossed for Diana as a middle name. I'll definitely keep you posted either way. I AM SO EXCITED.
 Ugh, she is so cute! I want to snuggle her.
So chic and put together. She gave birth mere hours ago and she looks ready for an event. Here I am still in my PJs in bed with my kitten, Olivia trying to attack my fingers as I type. So I guess we're not all that different....
Just one more. I adore them.

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