Thursday, March 5, 2015

Vogue Japan April 2015

You know how I was literally just like "Ah, this CR Fashion Book cover is the best thing on the Internet!?" Well, this tops it, guys. I love Barbie. I've loved Barbie forever. Of course, I went through my "I'm too cool for Barbie, bleh" phase, but nostalgia is a bitch. I mean, I may or may not have a Barbie phone case right now. Anyway... Rosie Huntington Whiteley poses as a real life Barbie in Vogue Japan's April issue. In case you couldn't tell by my rant above, I'm kind of incredibly and ridiculously obsessed with it. Styled by Anna Dello Russo, I seriously can't stop staring. I wonder if my landlord would let me paint all my walls Barbie pink. I should ask him, he's quite reasonable. Plus, Barbie. Duh.
 This is my favorite shot. SO PERFECT.
The kneepads really got me. Ha ha ha.

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