Saturday, February 21, 2015

Maxim March 2015

This may or may not be the first time I've ever blogged about Maxim, but times have changed and so has Maxim itself. As of September 2014, they have a new editor-in-chief, Kate Lanphear. Formerly of ELLE and T Magazine. While still keeping the same sex appeal Maxim has always had, she's also given it a nice little makeover. Yes, it's subtly been changing since she signed on a few months ago, but I am most proud, that seems like the wrong word, intrigued? by the latest issue. Candice Swanepoel graces their March 2015 issue and it's mesmerizing. Lanphear said of the cover "...But, I think it speaks to our ideas about desire and sexuality, not shying away from that. You don't see almost anything but Candice's gorgeous face and how hypnotic her eyes are. I think that speaks to how surprising and challenging sexiness is." (Refinery29) I could not have said it better myself. That encompasses it in a nutshell. Granted, the rest of the shoot is full of barely there bikinis, nude beach lounging and a few wet white t-shirt shots, but I do appreciate the cover. Plus, it wouldn't be Maxim without a few shots of a gorgeous model and her perfect body. Sigh.

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