Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sienna Miller

Can we talk about how Sienna Miller a) Just had a baby and b) Has been killing it on the red carpet recently? Like, really killing it. I mean, she's been my secret fashion icon since forever because of her effortless European chic look (It's a thing, just nod your head and go with it.) but ugh, these red carpet looks are giving me happy heart attacks. For example, this Dolce & Gabbana dress she wore to the BMW i3 Global Reveal Party (Whatever the heck that means). Stunning. And that makeup, don't even get me started. And her hair? Like, does she just roll out of bed looking this stunning? I think she does. Or at least I'd like to think that she does because that makes me feel all sorts of jealous inside. That's healthy, right? (Haven't you missed my mindless midnight blogging?...)
(Via Zimbio)

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