Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Costumer Designers Guild Awards 2013

The Costumer Designers Guild Awards were tonight and they brought out some of my favorite people. By "favorite people" that was obviously directed towards the appearance of Kristen Wiig, aka. My future adoptive Mom. I want her to adopt me so badly, you guys. I can't even deal.
Ugh, she is so perfect. I love this plain little white dress situation going on and I'm kind of obsessed with her hair and her shoes. I love you, Mom. I mean, what? I don't know. 
The only thing I like about Amy Poehler's Prada dress is that it has a mini-cape already attached to it. I mean, when is that NOT handy? Real talk. The dress is really tight though. Like, too tight. I don't understand why she always wears really tight dresses, it truly baffles me.
I'm not exactly sure what's going on here with Lily Collins, but I'm digging it big time.

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