Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Marie Claire UK March 2013

Okay, I know Megan Fox has said some slightly questionable things to the press in the past, but somehow it's made me love her even more. When she joined (then sadly quit within a week) Twitter, it was the best and I realized we could be the best of friends. She's so sarcastic, I adore it. Also, did I mention she's a total babe? She looks gorgeous on Marie Claire UK's March cover. I love it. Also, I love that she's subtly, only not-so subtly hiding her infamous "ugly" thumbs. We know what you're up to, Megs and we love you for it. Yeah, I called her Megs. Deal.
I don't know what this Elvis-inspired outfit is, but I don't love it.
 Her hair is perfect.

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