Monday, January 7, 2013

Katharine McPhee

While I don't watch "Smash," (I couldn't get into it, which is weird because I love pretty much anything that involves bursting out into song.) I do happen to like Katharine McPhee. She's gorgeous and supes talented. With that being said, she came out to NBC Universal's TCA Winter Press Tour event last night in a very questionable outfit. Now, if Leighton Meester (Moment of silence, I miss her on the red carpet. Come back to me!) wore this, I would be a little more at ease, but this just doesn't work for her. I like her hair, her bright lip and the fact that she's wearing cheetah print BUT the fact that it's sheer cheetah print, she doesn't have pants on and she's wearing TENNIS SHOES... Yeah, it needs to be shut down. For shame, Katharine. You're better than this, I am sure of it.

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