Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vogue Germany January 2013

Today is a happy day. The rest of the pictures from Jessica Chastain's cover shoot with Vogue Germany were released AND she was nominated for a Golden Globe. The pictures are gorgeous, as to be expected and I'm sure her nomination is well deserved. I'll let you know when I actually see "Zero Dark Thirty," but I'm really loving what I've seen in the trailer already. (It's funny because I'm being totally serious). Real talk, she is just one of my favorite human beings ever. More real talk, I wish I could read German because I'm curious as to who this man she's posing with is and too lazy to like, Google things. Such struggles I'm facing, I know. Just ignore me and stare at her beauty and whatnot.
 This is my favorite. She's STUNNING.
WHO ARE YOU MYSTERY MAN? I really need to learn German. Partially because of him and partially because these pictures don't fully make sense to me and I don't like being confused during photoshoots. You know? Okay, I Googled it. Omar Sy is a French actor. That still doesn't explain where the bathtub and music instruments (Whatever) come into play. 

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