Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Marie Claire January 2013

Say what you will about Marie Claire and Lea Michele, but I think Marie Claire's January issue (Featuring Lea Michele, in case you hadn't caught on by now.) is just further proof that they show no signs of slowing down in 2013. They ended 2012 with a bang, featuring my dear Jessica Chastain on their December issue, and I think this is just a start of the great things to come. I have been overjoyed by a majority of their cover girls and I'm really excited to see who else they feature. Ah so much positivity in that paragraph. Like, who am I?
I honestly love everything EXCEPT the outfit. Like what is this ugly hot mess of an outfit? Also, I hate me some cover girl sideboob. I guess I just hate sideboob in general. You know?
This is my favorite picture. She not only looks stunning, but I'm dying over this Stella McCartney blazer (Add white blazer to my list of this season's "must-haves.") and this gorgeous Eres bodysuit. I want.
 What even is her eyeshadow? I'm obsessed. 

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