Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Glamour January 2013

Alrighty then. I am currently having some issues with Glamour's January cover featuring Anne Hathaway. As much as I hate to say it (I don't really hate to say things, that's a lie.) it's kind of a hot mess. I got a glimpse of the cover the other day and was like "Well, I'm sure the rest of the shoot isn't all that bad. Right?" Wrong. So much for my optimism. I really hate it. From the black bra under the white tank to the high briefs. I hate it all. I really really do. Glamour has been concerning me as of late, but at least their December 2012 issue (with Selena Gomez) had a general theme. This is all over the place and that scares me.
It's just really bad, you guys. And she's wearing a tank from an organization close to her heart, so I won't judge her for the logo. I'm not THAT horrible of a person. But the rest of this should be shut down. Now.
 Oh, this is "Anne Hathaway having fun." Chilling.
Why are we accessorizing with Skullcandy headphones though? Was the fashion closet out of necklaces?...

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