Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Marie Claire December 2012

Oh. My. Heavens. My Jessica Chastain and fashion magazine loving heart is exploding right now. Jessica Chastain graces the cover of Marie Claire's December issue and it's perfect. I need to give Marie Claire a round of applause for their choice of covergirls this past year. I mean, with some exceptions in the beginning of the year, they have done a relatively superb (Yeah, superb) job. A lot of magazines let me down this year, but not Marie Claire. When Leighton Meester graced the cover of their April issue, I knew things could only go up. I am so happy with this cover, I am going to write them until they publish my letter.
There's still just a lot of wording on the cover. That's one thing they need to fix for 2013.
She is stunning. Look at that hair! Also, this Armani PrivĂ© headpiece is to die for. 
 Okay, yep. Still stunning. I love her.
This Valentino gown is gorgeous, but the velvet is no. Shut that down, please and thank you forever.
While I don't think anyone should ever cover Jessica Chastain's gorgeous face, I really like the use of all these headpieces. This Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal piece is particularly gorgeous.
This gives me anxiety. I feel like she's stuck and that scares me.

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