Monday, November 12, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence

Okay, it's very common knowledge that I adore Jennifer Lawrence with just about every fiber of my being. She's another potential (future, ahem) BFF. With that being said, she attended the screening for "Silver Linings Playbook" last night and I am going to have to say "No" to everything that's going on. I love the color of her hair, it's Katniss brown, you guys. And her makeup looks good, but I'm not super sure about the outfit itself. Why there is a huge scarf choking her is beyond me. (The scarf reminds me of a scary story my kindergarden teacher used to tell me about Jenny, a girl with a ribbon tied around her neck. No one knew why the ribbon was there, until one day, when Jenny was dying, her husband asked why she always wore the ribbon/scarf. She let him untie it and her head rolled off. That story has haunted me since kindergarden and whenever I see a scarf, it reminds me of that horrifying story. Cue the nightmares.) You're welcome and I'm sorry in advance for that story ramble. ANYWAY, I love you Jennifer Lawrence, I hate this almost as much as I hate that scary story.

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