Monday, November 26, 2012

Gotham Independent Film Awards 2012

The Gotham Independent Film Awards took place in NYC tonight and some of my favorite famous humans came out to play. Shall we judge them? Yep, we shall.
I love Emily Blunt a ridiculous amount, we've discussed this previously. I also love her Calvin Klein dress. What I am not loving, however, is the length of the dress/the pairing of these shoes. It's weird and awkward and I just don't like it. If I cover the bottom of the picture, everything else makes her look like a Greek goddess. Something I think she actually might've been in another life. More on that theory later.
Oh heavens, I adore Amy Adams, but I am not feeling this Giorgio Armani dress one bit. First off, velvet. Second, it just looks like a hazardous piece of origami. No sir.
Marion Cotillard is full of grace and elegance, I mean, she is Dior's girl right now. Therefore, I am concerned and confused as to why this Dior dress was chosen for her. It's ugly and I hate it. Okay, that was mean. It was true, but mean. I'm sorry.

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