Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of the latest celebrities to have thrown up on stage recently. The first one being the poor, precious little Justin Bieber. Now, that information actually has very little relevance to this post, I just think it's funny, so I decided to throw it in there for giggles. Moving on. Lady Gaga came out to Harrods (Aka. What my section of heaven is going to look like. Honestly, if you've never been to Harrods, I need you to book a ticket to London and go right now. When I went, I think my best friend and I spent at least 3 hours in there. It's amazing, I tear up thinking about it.) on Sunday to promote Fame, her fragrance. Which, I might add, actually smells quite nice despite every fiber in my body telling me to hate it. Anyway, somehow she looked nice and well... Normal. I dig it. I also am really liking her hair brown, so if she could just keep it this way, that would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and no, I don't know what is on her fingers, but I can only assume it's dried vomit. Oh, is that too soon? C'est la vie.

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