Monday, October 1, 2012

Glamour November 2012

Taylor Swift graces the cover of Glamour's November issue and haters is gonna hate, but I love the shoot. Minus all of the over-edited photos, of course. I don't know what their problem is over at Glamour. Awhile back they made a pledge that they would stop using excessive amounts of Photoshop, but somewhere along the lines they must've forgotten about that issue. It's quite a shame considering they have great covergirls who do not need to be Photoshopped. But c'est la vie. If you look past the crazy editing, this shoot is fun and very Taylor Swift-esque. I'll stop complaining to you and just go write a letter to Glamour's photo editors now...
I really love her hair though, you guys. She should wear her bangs like this all the time. Or just, you know, not have bangs anymore. She's a celebrity, things like bad bangs can be fixed in .2394 seconds.
I actually really like this Marc Jacobs little outfit, but I'm mostly focused on her amazing luggage. How can I get my hands on those? And don't say vintage, that's my least favorite answer when I ask where I can find something.
Give me this Mark Cross bag or give me death. If we have to choose, I'd pick the bag over death though...

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