Monday, September 10, 2012

Marie Claire October 2012

I KNOW. October issues are already invading. I was literally just coming to terms with all the September issues, but c'est la vie. Let's just be honest. Marie Claire has been amazeballs all year long, with perfect covergirls. I am so impressed. Other magazines have been letting me down (cough Vogue cough), but not Marie Claire. Their October covergirl is Gwen Stefani and I am so pleased. I don't love me some active wear like, ever, but she's Gwen Stefani, damn it and she can do whatever she wants.
Oh hi, can I have her stomach please? Okay thanks.
I am obsessed with her little top knot. First Harper's Bazaar gave her one and now Marie Claire. Like, my top knot is not nearly as chic as hers. It's unfair.

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