Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Teen Choice Awards 2012

Oh gosh, yes. The Teen Choice Awards were on Sunday. I don't like the Teen Choice Awards. They are horrid, I watched the show on Monday (Just so I'd be in the loop, obviously. Well, that and my celebrity boyfriend, Josh Hutcherson, was in attendance. C'est la vie.) and I was cringing about 89.3829% of the show. It made me so uncomfortable, I can't even. The humor was nonexistent and the winners consisted of some of the Twilight cast. So I mean, yeah. It's just the worst. I just, I really want the Oscars to happen already, you guys.
Lucy Hale looked adorable in this Wes Gordon dress. I love it. She has been letting me down on "Pretty Little Liars," outfit-wise, so considering the fact that I can't separate TV from reality, I wasn't expecting much, but this is great. I also am in love with her braid.
Taylor Swift's Maria Luchia Hohan dress was very Taylor Swift, which isn't bad. It's boring, but it isn't bad. The dress is actually really stinkin' cute.
Selena Gomez celebrated her birthday with her boyfriend and a bunch of random screaming fans. That doesn't sound like my slice of cake (Heh) but 20 seems to be doing her just fine. She looked gorgeous in this Dsquared2 dress. It's simple, but effortless and she's rocking it. I love.
Lea Michele's Versace dress was my favorite of the night. It's stunning. I love her on the red carpet. She pretty much always gets it right.
Ugh, Zooey Deschanel, you are so boring to me. I get that you're like, quirky, fun, funky and "uber" cute, but like, enough is enough. It's just boring to me. I'm sure you're really nice and fun in real life too, but until I meet you and/or we become friends or acquaintances, I'll try to keep my distance. As for your Monique Lhuiller dress... You look iffy and I am most definitely iffy. For having such a fun and quirky image, this is doing exactly the opposite. It's so boring and you look uncomfortable. I just, no. Shut this down, okay?
Troian Bellisario is quickly becoming my favorite person, well, ever. Or at least on TV currently. She's such a badass and she says interesting things on Twitter. I respect her. I love her. Her Maria Lucia Hohan outfit is kind of perfection as well. She looks like a ballerina and I love that.
Oh Ashley Benson. What happened to you? Why did your stylist put you in this? It is very upsetting because you have impeccable style and this is all sorts of wrong. I'm so sorry.
True Story: I thought Demi Lovato was Fergie when I first saw this picture.
1. I'm really glad that No Doubt has reunited. 2. I'm really jealous that Gwen Stefani has looked the same for the past 10 years. I mean, it's not fair actually, you guys. She's so gorgeous, I can't deal.
UGH Kristen Stewart. You are the worst. I was trying to give you another chance, but then you go and cheat on RPatz. Like, that sucks, I'm sorry that happened. But you are JUST. I do like her outfit though, WHATEVER. This Roberto Cavalli blazer is kind of amazeballs. Damn you.
Josh Hutcherson. Make out with me. Now. Please. I mean, if you want. His outfit is whatever, people were saying he looks homeless, but I disagree. He's so pretty I want to cry.
JUSTIN BIEBER. You make it hard for me to support you when you wear stupid things like this. I still love you though.
Joe Jonas, I appreciate and respect the fact that you came out and showed your pretty face, but this is boring to me. 

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