Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Marie Claire August 2012

Holy crappers. Marie Claire is making my heart SO incredibly happy, I can't even handle it. Well, I can, but it will be difficult. Kristen Wiig, my future Mother (I'm trying to get her to adopt me, remember?), graces the cover of their August issue and I am kind of obsessed with it. Honestly, there is not one thing that I am hating. I love all of it. I love her, I love the clothes, I love her face and her hair. Marie Claire has been (for the most part) making my heart smile a lot this year. Let's keep it up, my friends. You CAN do it.
 Oh hi, this is great.
Her makeup is amazeballs.
This is my favorite. I wore an outfit pretty much identical to it the other day. I love this Whetherly t-shirt and Donna Karan NY skirt. A lot.

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