Sunday, July 1, 2012

Glamour August 2012

Mila Kunis graces the cover of Glamour's August issue, which is exciting because well, she's gorgeous and great. Unfortunately, Glamour has not taken any of my telepathic messages to heart because these pictures are once again way too edited. I mean, stop it with the high contrast pictures. Save them for Seventeen Magazine, or something. (Sorry Seventeen...) Of course, Mila Kunis still looks beautiful though, I just really don't like these. I still love you, Glamour. Just maybe make better decisions next time.
This is kind of a hot mess. I mean, the hat? No. The denim-on-denim? Hell no. And the captions are just too much. TOO MUCH.
I do kind of love this Burberry Brit sweater though. Mostly because this is an outfit I'd actually wear. The other ones are just, no.

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