Friday, July 20, 2012

ELLE South Africa August 2012

Is Marion Cotillard aware of how cool Marion Cotillard is? Because I don't think she is aware. Now, let  me tell you, Marion Cotillard is just about the coolest person I don't know. She's so great. Like, she's actually the best. I am so eager to see her in "The Dark Knight Rises" (Which, speaking of which, please don't boycott the movie due to the shootings in Colorado. It's not Batman's fault that people are crazy.) because she's amazeballs in everything. Oh yeah, so she's on another cover. This time, it's ELLE South Africa. I love. I love so much. Especially the black and white ones, those are perfection. Wow. That's a lot of love for one post. I am kind of exhausted, so heaven knows when I read this in a couple hours, I will be as lost as you probably are right now.
 Oh hi, she is perfect. Even in an unladylike pose, she is still so elegant.
This is my favorite. I adore it so incredibly much.

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