Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Rock of Ages" LA Premiere

Alright. Call me a hypocrite or whatever because I know I said I didn't want to see "Rock of Ages," but there is a slight chance that I most definitely went to the premiere at the Chinese Theatre last night, got tickets from a bald stranger outside the Kodak Theatre and watched the movie with the entire cast. I mean, maybe that happened. By maybe, I mean it totally did happen. I watched the movie with the likes of Catherine Zeta Jones, Tom Cruise (Who is as my friend described him a "man baby" in person), Alec Baldwin, Julianne Hough, Malin Akerman, etc. The craziest part about the entire thing is that the movie was actually really good. My friend and I took a bathroom break in the middle and almost simultaneously went "Damn it. The movie is actually really great." So, I advise seeing it when it comes out next week. All the performances were perfect and I kind of want to make out with Diego Boneta now. (Okay fine, he was real cute in "Pretty Little Liars" too, so I guess now my crush has increased.) Unfortunately after the movie, he was nowhere to be found, so that dream did not come true. Yet... Okay, now enough of my bragging (Sorry I'm not sorry), let's talk about what they wore.
Julianne Hough, who is just about the cutest little thing ever, wore this Kaufman Franco dress. While I don't love the dress itself, it makes her boobs look weird, I think the color is marvelous. I also don't know how I feel about her hair. I kind of like the fact that it's a messy top knot, but the fact that it is messy and crooked is what is throwing me off.
Holy balls. I almost died when I saw Malin Akerman. She looked AMAZEBALLS in this Reem Acra gown. While I am sure that if she had accidentally tripped or caught her dress on something that it would completely expose her, but c'est la vie. She looks so great.
Catherine Zeta Jones wore a Zuhair Murad dress, which I am not too crazy about. If it was long and had either no sleeves or two long sleeves, I'd feel a little better about it. But alas, it does not. Whatever, she is gorgeous either way.
And to think I stood right in front of Fergie, ready to tell her that this was the least heinous thing I'd ever seen her in... I didn't even recognize her husband. I still don't. But he is so obnoxious right here, I can't even deal with him. I am mostly focused on her hair and the fact that her dress had potential, but that potential was stabbed to death by her clutch. Ugh.
Literally, it took everything in my power to NOT run over to him and make out with his face. Diego Boneta is so freaking dapper, it hurts, friends.
Oh Mary J. Blige. I feel as though hating you is a crime. While it is indeed not a crime, wearing a hideous dress like this is most definitely a crime. Look it up. Also, her hair is heinous.
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