Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Marchesa Resort 2013

Good gosh, I suck at life. Or at least, I suck at my own life. As a fashion student and a fashion blogger, I should be looking at these nonstop, I KNOW. But I haven't. The Resort 2013 collections have been whizzing past me and I have been ignoring them. For that, I am sorry. But I am here to make it up to you. Or to myself. Mostly make it up to myself because I doubt you were hurt or bothered by it. Marchesa's Resort 2013 collection was debuted last week and I love it, of course. It is a little less Marchesa and more toned down, which is nice. Georgina Chapman said "...she was thinking about English gardens when she was working on the new range..." (Style.com) That sounds about right. Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig have once again, managed to make me swoon with their designs.
This is so obviously Marchesa and I'm okay with it. It does look like an upside-down flower though.
 Also obsessed. This may or may not be (but definitely is) my favorite.
 This has such a bridal feel to it.
This is my second favorite. I love the detailing. I could see Blake Lively in this, however, I am sure she will be sticking with Gucci right now. Hopefully.
Yeah, I love this one a lot too. It's very simple and clean cut, but that's my thang. Yes, I said thang. Don't judge me.
(Via Style.com)

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