Sunday, June 10, 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio

We have talked about my absolute love/lust for Leonardo DiCaprio a billion times on this blog, I am aware, but it just hurts my heart every single time I see a paparazzi picture of him. He was out riding his bike with girlfriend Erin Brady I mean, Heatherton on Tuesday wearing this. Like, why the hat and why the beard? Mostly why the beard. Leo, my dear, you are done filming "Django Unchained." You can shave your beard. I mean, granted, I would still totally makeout with him (and his beard) but I don't like it. This especially makes me sad because I am watching "Titanic" right now and I just miss baby Leo so much. If I could choose any man in the world to love and have love me back, it would be the fictional Jack Dawson. Hands down. No regrets. My heart (and my love) will go on... Ooh, cheesefest galore over here.
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