Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Glamour July 2012

Holy. Balls. I cannot EVEN begin to tell you how much I hate Glamour's July cover featuring Julianne Hough. I mean, it is so bad. She stars in "Rock of Ages" and I am sure you remember Tom Cruise's heinous W cover, where he was in character, and now Glamour decided to be uncreative and feature her in a "rock" themed photoshoot. I hate this.The makeup is bad, the clothes are horrid, the styling is beyond me and her poses are no. And then let's just talk about the editing of these pictures. I MEAN. It's physically hurting me right in my fashion loving heart.
I received the issue in the mail yesterday and the scary thing is that the subscriber's cover is even WORSE. I love the sequined Zadig & Volaire blazer and shorts, but against the sequiny background? Seriously, please stop this.
My hatred is increasing.
Just when I thought I was done hating these pictures, I see this. Her pose is no, this Kevork Kiledjian jacket is no and this Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit needs to be retired like, yesterday. I am truly baffled.

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