Sunday, June 3, 2012

2012 MTV Movie Awards

AH. I am back from vacation right on time. The MTV Movie Awards took place tonight in Los Angeles and a majority of my favorite celebrities showed up, which is always a good time. Granted, I dislike MTV immensely, like enough with the knocked up thirteen year olds already. But you know I love me some movies, celebrities and awards shows. I'm really glad I was able to update my social media outlets from the car instead of at home because evidently "Twilight" won for Movie of the Year and that's just awful. But then again, the knocked up thirteen year olds are probably the ones voting for this, so it all makes sense. 
Okay, let's just talk about Elizabeth Banks and how much I love her. She's amazeballs. I kind of want to hang out with her just to soak up her amazeballness. I'm sure it'd rub off just a little bit. Now, I love her so much that I am even okay with her Emilio Pucci jumpsuit. I AM OKAY WITH A JUMPSUIT, YOU GUYS. I am dying over the fierceness of it. Like, yes, it is a MTV event, but she is rocking it and I don't even care.
I have a huge love for Emma Stone too, as do most people, and I really love her little Martin Grant outfit. It's so cute. So is she. Gosh dang, be my friend, Emma. Please.
Charlize Theron rules all. End of story. She looked gorgeous in this Lanvin dress. I mean, of course she looked gorgeous, she ALWAYS looks gorgeous. In fact, I just saw "Snow White & the Huntsman" and she was dying and/or screaming her head off in more than half of her scenes and I still found myself whispering "She is SO PRETTY" to my sister. Ugh. It's unfair.
Okay. You guys. I didn't hate Kristen Stewart's Guishem dress. I know I should, in fact I want to, but I don't. I do have issues with her hair though, but I mean, what's new?
Oh my heart is breaking. I had such high hopes for Leighton Meester tonight and unfortunately she let me down. She under-impressed in this Christian Cota hot mess. I don't know which part of this outfit I hate most. It's so unfortunate. She is so much better than this. Don't make me prove it because Lord knows I can.
Speaking of unfortunate disappointments, I did not love Emma Watson's Brood dress. It's too much ugliness in one garment. And what is that bangle on her wrist? I mean, c'mon Emma. You are so great and this is so bad.
I love Shailene Woodley, but I am not exactly in love with whatever this is. It is something I imagine Meryl Streep in (I mean, in a more conservative piece, obviously.), but not Shailene. She is ALSO better than this. Like, I know this is an MTV event, I get it, I hate it too, but at least try to not break my heart, people.
Lucy Hale looked so adorable, but I don't think I love her Catherine Malandrino dress. I like the idea, but the dress itself is not great. I know some fabrics are really difficult not to wrinkle, but they have to at least try. Ugh, whatever, she's so pretty.
Josh Hutcherson wore a hat and pulled it off. That's all. I heart him.
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