Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Met Ball 2012

Okay, if we are being honest, uploading all these pictures gave me legitimate anxiety. But it's worth it because I LOVE the Met Ball. People keep saying it's like the "Oscars of fashion." I agree, but you know I love the Oscars just a little bit more because with the Oscars I get two of my favorite things: movies AND fashion. Anyway, some of my favorite models and actresses came out to the "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations" Costume Institute Gala. Due to the fact that Prada was involved in the event, many guests wore the designer, which I appreciate. (Also, I thought I'd add that I said all this witty stuff and then I posted this and found out that it didn't save. IT DIDN'T SAVE, YOU GUYS. I almost pulled out my hair. Dead serious.)
Amy Adams is my best dressed of the night. She looked stunning in this Giambattista Valli gown. I love the black and I LOVE the gold bow belt. Oh, this is perfect.
I hate that I love Ashley Greene's Donna Karan gown. It fits her perfectly, which makes sense because it's custom, but it's gorgeous. Can I get married in this? I have SO many wedding gown options, but no fiance. That's normal, right?
FLORENCE WELCH LOOKED AMAZEBALLS IN THIS ALEXANDER MCQUEEN MASTERPIECE. I am kind of dying. Like, it's so crazy and ridiculous, but I can think of no one better than Florence Welch to pull this off. Oh gosh, it's so great. I want to wear it and run around a field listening to Florence & the Machine.
Yep, I love Lea Michele's Diane Von Furstenberg gown. Yes, she has worn blue sequins previously, but that was a) awhile ago and b) a long sleeve gown, so I am not counting it. Also, her makeup and hair is stunning.
I hate that I don't hate Gwyneth Paltrow's Prada dress. Yes, it looks like a napkin/duck beak, but I love it, you guys. Remember when I didn't love Gwyneth? Yeah, apparently I was crazy.
Oh, my heart is breaking. Leighton Meester wore Marchesa which is usually fantastic, but oh. This is so wrong. The fact that the gown is blending into her orange skin is heartbreaking to me. I don't understand. Leighton rarely fails, but this is an exception. I feel like this is something I would've loved if her makeup was you know, better.
Gosh. My heart is also breaking over Jessica Chastain. Her makeup is not great and her dress is wrinkled and looks unfinished. She was doing SO well, you guys. This Louis Vuitton dress is just all wrong and that makes me really sad. My friend said this is what unconditional love feels like and I think she's right. Unfortunately. 
I love Anna Wintour. She's a slight, major, inspiration. She wore this Prada masterpiece. Like, of course she wore fur and of course I still think she is amazing. Leave me alone!
Oh Lord. So, remember how a few months ago people were auctioning off Elizabeth Taylor's belongings? Coco Rocha purchased this suit at the auction and I am just, yeah. I mean, when you think Elizabeth Taylor, you think JEWELRY, as you should. So I am just confused as to why this was what she felt like she couldn't live without. Also, the pink hair. Really, Coco? You are so much better than this. I truly believe you are.
I am still so puzzled by Camilla Belle's appearance at any event. I mean, yeah, I'm a little bit jealous. WHATEVER. Don't judge me. And I actually like her Ralph Lauren dress quite a lot, so there's that.
Carey Mulligan is the cutest thing ever, but I'm not in love with her Prada dress. It makes her look like a fish. And I like fish. (I'm sure I've told you about my pet fish, Bradley Cooper. He's turning 1 next month. Whatever, I'm not excited.) But this is not something I'm crazy about.
I appreciate Christina Ricci's boldness with this, but I don't like it. It is WAY too big for her tiny frame and it actually looks like she is falling over. Do people not try things on anymore?
Okay, Dakota Fanning, I'm sure it's hard knowing that most people favor your cute little sister, Elle, over you as their favorite Fanning. I'm real sorry about that. But it could have something to do with your hair and your Louis Vuitton dress. Yes, I'm sure it would be pretty on someone oh, I don't know, double your age? Live it up, girl. You are allowed to act like a fun little munchkin still.
I actually really like Dianna Agron's Carolina Herrera gown. Yes, it looks like a sheet, but for some reason I am okay with that. Also, her hair and makeup is flawless. FLAWLESS.
When I first saw Elizabeth Banks in this Mary Katrantzou dress, I automatically thought "Okay, this is something Effie would wear." By Effie, obviously I am talking about her character from "The Hunger Games." If you didn't know that, then shame on you. I don't know why you are wasting your time on this blog. Go to the movies. Now. RIGHT NOW.
Somehow Emma Stone managed to out-cute (It's a thing) herself in this adorable Lanvin dress. Now, I don't necessarily condone black pumps on the red carpet, but I can't think of another color I would've preferred, so for now they are great. The one problem I am experiencing is her hair. It reminds me of Jennifer Garner in "13 Going on 30." It looks like the hair she had during her "I'm 30 and I'm going to a fun party!" montage. It's not great.
Oh good heavens. Someone needs to help Greta Gerwig. Clearly she is having some issues. First off, this Prabal Gurung dress is very unflattering. And her pose is really not helping the situation. Now, I have not been to any fancy red carpet events, but I know for a fact that I would practice my pose in the mirror with my gay guy friends/makeup artists/hair stylists before I left for the event. Isn't that what everyone does?
So, Beyonce wore Givenchy and I did not like it. That's all.
Apparently I am the only one noticing Brooke Shields' cane. I have yet to see a report in which the cane is explained. Maybe she is hurt, I get that, but if I had to (God forbid) carry a cane on the red carpet, I'd at least make it pretty. Her J. Mendel dress is fine, I'm mostly concerned about the cane.
I have said this before but I will NEVER understand anything Chloe Sevigny is/does/says. This Miu Miu dress is beyond. And not in a good way. I hate it. Also, what is her hair? Who told her "Oh, Chloe. This is a great look on you."? No one told her that.
I adore Ginnifer Goodwin. I think she has perfected her unique look of being sweet and innocent and then contradicting that with her badass haircut. I love it. I also think I may or may not love her Monique Lhuillier dress. Yep. I think I do.
Tom Brady and Giselle Whatshername are such a good looking couple. It's actually unfair to the rest of us. Unfortunately, Tom Brady wore velvet and well, you know how much I hate that. Honestly looking at it is making me anxious.
I applaud Hilary Swank for this. Her hair looks great and I love this color on her. I do not, however, like her Michael Kors dress. It just looks so familiar. Didn't we see Emma Stone in something like this for the Oscar's? And then weren't we comparing that to something Nicole Kidman wore earlier? Why yes. Yes we were.
Of course January Jones wore Versace and of course she looked great. I actually kinda like this. I think it makes her look like a superhero. Last time I checked, people really like superheroes.
I hate admitting this, but Jessica Alba looked gorgeous. Her hair, earrings and makeup are amazing. I don't like her Michael Kors dress all that much, but the color looks great with her skin color. Darn her.
Okay, fine. I actually really like them now. Or maybe I just liked them at this event. Either way. I love Justin Timberlake in a suit and I actually like Jessica Biel's situation. I don't love her bangs, but I do love her Prada dress. My only suggestion would be to shorten it.
Oh heavens, Cameron Diaz. Who told you this was a good look? What is your hair?! WHAT IS ON YOUR HEAD?
Apparently the photographer of this picture was either drunk, falling over or both because all the pictures I'm seeing of her at this spot are like this. Unfortunately, or fortunately I'm not sure, I kind of like Scarlett Johansson's Dolce & Gabbana dress. It's nice. Her hair, however, is boring.
Kate Bosworth looks like a bird in this Prada dress. End of story.
I'm not sure what year Lily Collins thinks it is with this Valentino gown, but I'm not sure I'm onboard.
I have always been somewhat convinced that Lana del Rey is a vampire and this just proves my point. I hate this. The sad thing is that I actually would like the dress, but the cape completely ruins it.
I LOVE YOU, KRISTEN WIIG. Gosh, I am dying over her Stella McCartney dress. I am going to ignore her shoes because they are not working for me, but I love this.
OH MY GOSH. When I was looking at all these pictures, I was actually in class, and when I saw this I actually gasped dramatically outloud. Okay, no. Not dramatically. There was an appropriate amount of drama allowed because this is awful. Like, I don't know where to start. Her bored facial expression? Her hair? Her heinous Balenciaga dress? Her shoes, which I thought were actually socks at first glance? Nope. It's all equally bad. Would it kill you to look like you are having a little fun, KStew? I know you're an actress, or whatever, so just act like it. 
Okay, Kristen Bell is literally the cutest little thing ever. While I will never be a fan of halter dresses, I am actually okay with her Tommy Hilfiger dress. She just looks so pretty and happy! That's honestly the best combination.
In an attempt not to offend, Mary Kate Olsen looks like an 89 year old woman.
Rachel Zoe, and her client Karolina Kurkova, were red carpet buddies. I'm not sure what Rachel was thinking by putting Karolina in her collection. I mean, is this a fancy swim cap?...
Rhianna looks good in everything, if we are just being honest. I don't particularly love this, for it makes her look like a reptile. I also don't love her hair. Okay, you can do better than this, Rhi Rhi. I know you can.
It seems as though Rooney Mara has lost her pants. Oddly enough, she doesn't seem to be super concerned about their loss. The more I look at the dress, the more I actually dislike it. I mean, it's black lace for crying outloud and I am passing on it. Madness.
Evidently Sarah Jessica Parker and Lily Collins had a little meeting beforehand because they both showed up in Valentino gowns. Actually I'm sure that didn't happen because I heard SJP is kind of a real life bitch, so I'm sure she would not be having any of that nonsense. So that's a bummer. I actually don't hate this as much as I think I should, so that's also a bummer. 
Until the day I die, I will strive to look like Sofia Vergara when I'm her age. She looked stunning in this Marchesa gown. Unlike Leighton Meester (I'm still mourning, let me be.) this Marchesa gown looks like it was made for her. She looks gorgeous.  
I actually love Diane Kruger's Prada dress. I don't know if it was appropriate for the event, but I love it nonetheless.

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