Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Met Ball 2012

Okay, I don't know whether to call it the Met Ball or the Met Gala, but I'm going to go with ball because it sounds fancier and reminds me of "Beauty & The Beast." So, the Met Ball was tonight, which I am sure you know if you are a fan of my page on Facebook. I was all over that ish. And I'm not even sorry. Due to the overwhelming number of pictures on my laptop right now, I am afraid I will have an anxiety attack if I try talking about all of them tonight. But alas, I did manage to compile just four of my favorites of the night. But don't you worry, I promise by tomorrow, once I've had sleep and coffee, that I will be as sharp as a tack (or whatever) and ready to take on the pretty and pitied of the night.
Florence Welch (In Alexander McQueen), Lea Michele (In DVF), Amy Adams (In Giambattista Valli) & Ashley Greene (In Donna Karan)
(Via Instagram)

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