Friday, May 18, 2012

Jessica Chastain

Let me start of by saying sorry I'm not sorry for all the Jessica Chastain posts. I know you know of my love and admiration for her, so that should be a no brainer, but alas, here I am not apologizing. She is killing it at the Cannes Film Festival right now. KILLING IT, MY FRIENDS. I am so incredibly proud of her. I know I don't technically know her or whatever, but I consider her a celebrity friend of mine. Creepy? No. Hear me out. I look out for her (with the tabloids and whatnot) and I generally care. Last time I checked, those things were included in the definition of a friend. So, if my math is correct (and it is), we're friends. She attended the "Madagascar 3" premiere in this stunning Giorgio Armani gown. I mean. This is the best she's looked since the Oscar's. Oh, the Oscar's. That Alexander McQueen dress was magnificent. I could talk about that for days. But back to this event. She looks gorgeous. I am so proud, as a friend, that I could cry.
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