Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Glamour June 2012

Carrie Underwood graces the cover of Glamour's June issue looking super cute, as always. The styling is kind of whatever, but then again it is Glamour and I don't usually have super high hopes for them. But it's fun and I like it, okay? Don't make me question myself. I am a little shaky from my coffee still.
What. The. Crap. I know I have said it 100 times before, but I can't with all this writing on the covers, you guys. It is so distracting, cluttered and just ugly. But she's gorgeous. The other only thing that is bothering me is her hair. I am ALL for messy hair, but this is also no.
This is so Glamour. That sounds stupid, but it's true.
Oh my gross. What is she wearing? I know this isn't her fault, you guys, but I still kind of blame her for it. Actually, no I take that back. I respect her for putting up with the ugliness of this outfit and wearing it anyway. I am just full of contradictions today, aren't I? But seriously, this Miu Miu boots make me want to vomit a tiny bit.
Seriously. These boots. Gag. Also, pictures with guitars make me roll my eyes dramatically. I can't help it. It's just so cheesy.
I want to like this Rochas dress, but I don't. It's the buttons. I hate buttons. We've talked about this. Buttons + Velvet = My Personal Fashion Hell. Now you know. But I like how big the bottom of the dress is, that makes me happy.

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