Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gioia May 2012

Jennifer Lawrence graces the cover of Gioia's May issue and I love it. I know this photo was used for another magazine (I'm trying to remember which one) but I actually don't even mind. I love her so. She is so gorgeous, I can't handle it. I think we should be friends. Here is my letter to her. Letter, plea, c'est la vie.
Dear Jennifer Lawrence,
Please be my friend. I love you. In a friend way. I promise I'm not a creepy fan, I genuinely think we would be the best of friends and here's why. I have seen a handful (Or two handfuls and then some, whatever.) of your interviews and I think we are very compatible friend-wise. I know your life is kind of amazeballs right now, and I get that you won't have a lot of time for me, but I am more than happy to come over and make you cookies or watch TV. And feel free to invite your fellow co-stars (Josh Hutcherson) over to hang out with us. I mean, that sounds so great, right? Right.
(Your Soon-to-be Best Friend)
Erin Brady


  1. haha I've wanted to write a letter like that to celebs before. In a non-creepy way, too! I think I'd make a hella great friend for some of them; they need a non-celeb gal pal!

    Nice blog

  2. Jennifer Lawrence is awesome....Lawrence looks like the kind of girl you could hang out with after work and grab a couple of beers together. Amazing actress too, I really can't wait to see Serena!!.