Sunday, May 27, 2012


Oh my gosh, what even? Fergie was spotted at LAX today with her hubby, Josh Duhamel, (Sidenote: I still don't understand that relationship. Either he's really weird or she's really normal and her whole "Fergie Ferg" thing is just a cooky act.) in well, THIS. I don't even know what she is wearing but I do know that I hate every single piece of it. Like, is she wearing a sarong? Nay, is she wearing a beach towel and then a sarong? And what are these pants? Literally, what the Hell are you wearing, Fergie? Now I'm just pissed because I am confused. I mean, what does it say when the security guard at LAX is better dressed than you? You rock that bright orange vest, security guard.
(Via JustJared)

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