Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ELLE June 2012

UGH. Cue the dramatic eye roll. Kristen Stewart is on the cover of ELLE's June issue and I'm sure you know how I feel about it. It's not great. Is she ever happy about anything? I mean, personally, I would be so excited to have an ELLE covershoot, but she makes it seem like it's actual hard work. She is just staring at the camera, so I'm sure it's not that hard, KStew. Also, her answers in the interview are so classless. Like, cuss more, Kristen. That will make us like you.
What is this red font on the cover? It is so heinous. I cannot. I do like this Ralph Lauren dress though, so that makes it a tiny bit better. Just a tiny bit.
OH MY GOSH. Is this what we are doing now, ELLE? One Kristen Stewart is bad enough, but oh, let's feature two. In the same picture. Why do they hate me, you guys?...
Okay, fine. I like her makeup. WHATEVER.
She doesn't even have chemistry with herself. What does that tell you? Honestly, just the worst.
This Lanvin dress is whatever. I am so over her right now.

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