Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bullet Summer 2012

Blake Lively graces the cover of Bullet's Summer issue. This is more proof to my theory that she should just stick to modeling and stop acting. I really like her, I do, but she is just so... Yeah. I could talk about Blake Lively's acting for a good 45 minutes straight. Just ask. I'll do it. Whatever. She's so pretty. I hate it.
 Sit like a lady, Blake.
I adore this Cushnie et Ochs dress and peplum SO incredibly much.
Her hair is bothering me. I want to brush it. But if I got the chance to brush Blake Lively's hair, I picture the situation going much like the scene in "The Princess Diaries" when Anne Hathaway's character is getting her crazy hair brushed and she breaks the brush. That would happen. But in the case of Blake and the brush, I'm sure I would receive a restraining order on top of that. 
FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY IN THIS SWEET, SWEET WORLD. I cannot with this Prada bodysuit. I CANNOT. Okay. I'm overreacting a little bit. But like, REALLY?

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