Monday, April 16, 2012

Vanessa Hudgens

I commented on the heinousness of Vanessa Hudgens' Coachella attire the other day and she has somehow outfugged herself. I'd be impressed if I wasn't so appalled. Ugh. Shall we? I'm sorry in advance, these pictures must be shared because I can't live with the fact that I had to see these and you didn't. It's unfair.
On Saturday she decided to offend my friend and a large majority of Native Americans with this situation. I don't understand any of it but I want it to go away like, last week. I really don't understand her, so I'm just stuck here rolling my eyes.
Yesterday she was spotted in this hot mess. I'd really like to give her a talk. A talk about the poor fashion choices she makes. Granted, this is not AS bad as Saturday, but it's pretty bad. Thank gosh it's over (for now), am I right?

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