Monday, April 23, 2012

Taylor Schilling

I don't "get" Taylor Schilling. I saw "The Lucky One" on Friday (Which was a horrible movie by the way. She was a horrible actress, I haven't seen her in anything else, so maybe she's great, but she barely said anything and when she did it was just random stuff, which required deep answers. And her chemistry with Zac Efron was off. Who knew Zac Efron was capable of having bad chemistry with someone? Yeah. Me neither. It was just a mess.) and yeah, I didn't really love her. I'm sure she's great, but I wasn't rooting for her in the movie and I have problems separating actors from their characters. I'm working on it.  I also don't love the Peter Pilotto dress she wore to the London premiere today. I just don't like the black strip in the front. My eye goes directly to it and I don't think that's what they wanted. I just, I don't get her, you guys.

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