Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sofya Titova

Sofya Titova is featured in Gioia Magazine (It's a random Italian magazine. Don't worry, I had to Google it too.) and I am a little bit obsessed with the shoot. I don't know why exactly, it's just kind of perfect. It's simple, which I love, but I love the clothes (Damn you, Prada bodysuit though.) and she's so pretty. This shoot is just so fresh. And fresh in like a "spring-y, cool" way not a slang way. I don't know you guys. Sometimes I just don't know. Only I do. I love this. This doesn't make sense. Ignore my words and just look at the pretty pictures.
I need these Prada sunglasses in my life like, yesterday, please and thank you very much.
I need these Prada bodysuits to GO AWAY FOREVER. But if I had to choose, this is my favorite version. I just like the colors. And the coat. The coat can stay. For now...

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