Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Marie Claire May 2012

Zooey Deschanel graces the cover of Marie Claire's May issue and at first I was like "Oh rats" but after meditating on it and actually looking at the pictures, I like the shoot. I mean, granted, it's not super creative, but I like the clothes (kind of) and her bangs aren't eating her face (Okay, they kind of are. I'm starting to think they have a mind of their own. It's scary.), so I appreciate that.
Someone said she looks like Avril Lavigne, so now that's all I can see and it's annoying. Also, her hair is kind of unruly, isn't it? I am really having issues with this whole "Let's see how many words we can fit onto the cover before it comes overwhelming" thing going on. And for the record, Marie Claire, this is extremely overwhelming, so stop it.
I still really love all these Gucci dresses. I want to wear one and twirl and twirl until I get dizzy and/or throw up. Whichever one comes first.
Ugh, this Reem Acra dress is so boring, but I do like her mask. Also, unrelated to her outfit, her right arm has disappeared. I don't know why they let her pose like that...
She kind of looks like Emily Blunt here, no?
These Valentino Garavani shoes are kind of badass. I want.
I want her headpiece. I want her headpiece now.


  1. I love your breakdown of the cover and shoot...I agree and she so does look like Emily Blunt in the one shot. They could of done something more creative..I feel like I have seen so many shots of her like this for other publications and I am abit board of the whole "look how cute and quirky I am just by being me" look. I do want that headpiece though!! All those words on the cover are really distracting and annoying.
    So glad I came across your blog...now following

    Laura x

    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate that, Laura :)