Saturday, April 21, 2012

Josh Hutcherson

YES. OKAY. More on Josh Hutcherson, or Hutchweuhwefvwer as I apparently call him. I'm not over the cuteness of his face yet, okay? He was just hanging out at the Chateau Marmont (A hotel that I worked right across from and secretly prayed that I would see someone arriving or departing from, but alas. That did not happen. Lana del Rey was there a lot when I was working and I'm sure she's thanking her lucky stars that I did not see her because I would have some choice words for her.) on Thursday. He was wearing a super cute outfit but he was wearing sunglasses. We talked about this, Josh. Just because you are cute and famous does not mean you need sunglasses at night. Someone pointed out that he's probably not used to the paparazzi to which I said "Pish posh!" partially because I think his sassiness could be correct and partially because I think answering "Pish posh!" will always be funny. Oh Josh Hutcherson, please don't do this. It makes you kind of look like a jerk and based off of the countless amount of interviews I've watched, you're kind of amazeballs. 

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