Friday, April 27, 2012

Jalouse May 2012

Kristen Stewart is invading the Internet right now. Or at least the websites I check up on for my hourly celebrity gossip. She is on the cover of Jalouse's May issue with "On the Road" co-star Garrett Hedlund. This is just whatever, you know? She has raccoon eyes throughout the whole photoshoot, he's not super attractive to me and I don't love her facial expressions. She looks like she is drunk and/or on drugs. I understand the whole "you're young, go party and such" vibe, I think that's what they're going for, but it's not great. 
This is actually my least favorite one. She just looks so dirty all the time. I can't do it, you guys. And she's going to be everywhere. I can feel it. I don't think I am emotionally ready for this.
She looks kind of pretty. He looks stupid.
I mean... No.
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