Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Glamour May 2012

My favorite "reality TV star" Lauren Conrad graces the cover of Glamour's May issue. Now, this is quite a random choice, but she does look really precious. This is their swimsuit issue and what I am gathering from the interview quotes is that she is really ignoring her "haters" and embracing her body. I know that everyone has their good days and bad days with their body, but I never thought of Lauren Conrad being one of those people. More power to you, girl. More power to you. Ew, who am I? WHO LETS ME BLOG AT MIDNIGHT? I swear.
I like the feel of this cover. I feel like she could've kept her top on, but c'est la vie. I also adore these Blumarine briefs. Ugh, they are perfection. I want them.
I love what I can see of this Malia Mills bikini. Although, I am not a fan of white bathing suits. It's just, no.
I am loving this Rochas bodysuit. I am kind of lusting after one-piece bathing suits right now and this could be my inspiration. Also, I know that this is an outdoorsy and summery photoshoot, but I still don't like seeing feet. I am sure they had cute sandals lying around on set.
This is such an uncomfortable picture. Who was in charge of this photoshoot and why is she crawling through a window? Or is she sitting in the doorway? I don't even know.

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