Friday, April 27, 2012

CinemaCon 2012

Okay, I don't know what on Earth the CinemaCon Awards Ceremony consists of, but all I know is that celebrities came to Las Vegas, looked okay and received awards. I mean, okay. That's good enough for me. I love me some awards shows even when I don't know what they are. The awards are kind of ugly though. They look like those little light toys that kids can buy at Disneyland. You know the ones. They have characters on them and you press a button and they spin around and light up. You don't know what I'm talking about? Fine. Your imaginations suck. Here's a picture
I think Charlize Theron is gorgeous. Always. I just don't know if I like her Dion Lee dress. She looks amazing in it, no doubt, but huh. I don't know, my friends. I just don't know.
I love Jennifer Garner, I do, but I hate everything about this. I don't like her Michael Kors dress and I sure as heck don't like her shoes. C'mon, Jen. I'm rooting for you, but I can't root for you when you show up in these shoes. I have to meet you halfway.
 Well, Michelle Pfeiffer was there. I think that's all I have to say about that.
Okay, I really love Leslie Mann. I kind of want her and her hubby, Judd Apatow, to adopt me. Or maybe they can be my cool aunt and uncle. I mean, I follow their daughter, Maude (I am obsessed with her name, by the way.) on Twitter and Instagram and I think she is just so cool. Oh, but back to her dress. It's cute. It kind of looks like wallpaper, but I like wallpaper.
Josh Hutcherson, my boyf, got a hair cut. Also, his pants are too long. Also, I don't think I like his tie. I still love him though, I do. I promise.
I wanted to say that Anna Faris was better than this disaster, but I really don't think she is...

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